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Your Vermicomposting Kits and Plans


Anyone can become a vermicomposter, its easy, takes very little time and can produce a great amount of service to the environment and money to a persons pocket book. 

Can starting a simple, fast, small kit NOW, help you survive a local or national disaster? YES, it definitely can.


Vermicompost can be used to start seeds, grow plants and produce results that are faster, better and healthier for you.

On this site you will find all of the free information that you will need to get started  and to continue into the very profitable vermiculture business or hobby. Whether   you just want to recycle some of your household waste or grow earthworms for     profit, we have covered it here. From the beginning student to the commercial         growers and all in between. Our site map has all the pages listed for easy reference and you are welcome to consult each and everyone you choose. We offer places to get your kits, earthworms, and AVSA build your own plans. So dig in and enjoy.

You will hear a lot about earthworms, how to grow them, what to grow them in,   where to grow them, get them and sell the worms, the casting, vermicompost,   and lots more. Until you actually get started and do your own, it just doesn't make much sense. Our aim is to help you get started!

You will be able to decide then, what is best for you, and how far you choose to go with earthworm growing. Do you want to sell the casting (vermicompost) or  the worms themselves? Take our Free six lesson course on line, you go to the   site and get your lessons when you choose. You may read them, save them, copy them from there.

The lessons cover getting your kit (below), setting it up, caring for it, feeding,     watering and some of the pitfalls.

We Offer the How to build your own AVSA Manual that includes the free    vermicomposting lessons.

We are currently offering you help on setting up your Small/Medium Starter Kits.    These may be purchased for a small sum at your local Walmart, K-mart type stores, usually around $10.00 to $15.00. HINT: they aren't called vermicomposting kits there, they are called plastic storage cabinets! You turn them into vermicomposting kits, poke the holes in the bottom, add the bedding and earthworms.

We currently don't sell earthworms (Red Wigglers) but if you email me I will recommend someone reliable, where you might get them. Try Ebay.com, there usually are some sellers there.

The two Kits below are especially designed for those of you that are novice       growers, (young and old alike). If you have ever wondered about vermicomposting  and if its for you, this is your answer.  An inexpensive means of finding out.

The units have their own attractive cabinets, that house their clear plastic drawers.  This unique system allows you to easily add feed (leftovers, coffee grounds, etc)   without having to wrestle with a tight fitting lid, it substantially eliminates the pest problems and helps to control the temperature and humidity of the units, which makes the earthworms "Happy Campers", and yes they really do just stay in there...very few runaways..

1. This is an ideal Small Kit for all of your educational/hobby needs. Overall Size is 15 1/2" length by 8 3/4" width by 6 1/4" High.

It easily sits on a shelf, counter or under your sink. Its great for the kids that want  "pets" as with any living creatures don't put in direct sunlight or over heat source!   Similiar to "Ant Farms" but with earthworms instead. They don't bark, bite, wet on the carpet, chew up slippers, scratch the furniture, howl at the moon nor leave half  eaten bones in the hallway at night (to be stepped on!) Besides they clean up the mess, instead of making one!

2. You will really like this Mid-Sized Kit, it's Light Weight and is ideal for you to tuck  away in a small corner, under the counter or on a shelf in your garage. It can hold the scraps from an average size family. You will love what the the nutrient rich vermicompost will do for all of your houseplants, flowers and garden.

If you are even remotely considering entering into The Exploding Business of Vermicomposting, this is an ideal learning unit for you. A low cost means of finding  out if you are really cut out for it. Besides any and all pitfalls that might occur are  on a far smaller scale. I strongly recommend this unit if you are New to  vermicomposting.

Join our free on line vermicomposting lessons to learn how to set up a kit, use it, separate it and more.

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